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More than ever we live in a world of data and rules—business, human, environmental. The use of daily, weekly and monthly analytical monitoring to determine patterns in business data is common: Identifying what we are doing well, determining how we can do it better and recognizing problems before they can result in material damage.

Data analytics can be as simple as finding duplicate payments in accounts payable or evaluating sales patterns to determine the best location for a warehouse. Data analytics can also be as complicated as identifying statistical outliers for potential fraudulent activity or Gene expression data analysis . It can use a single spreadsheet or extract data from multiple platforms and formats.

We help facilitate the visualization of data using proper tools
• Analytical tools on Hadoop HDFS (PentahoBI, SAP, COGNOS)
• Hive based tools
• Predictive and Statistical Analysis using SPSS, R
• Map Reduce based transformation and analysis

We Specialize in the following areas
• Clinical Decision Support Systems
• Risk Management
• Predictive Analysis