Today’s rapidly changing business environments create enormous challenges—enterprises that simply react will not compete. To stay ahead of competition, organizations need to leverage multiple types of data in real time. They need to anticipate market demands, forecast outcomes, and respond to events as they happen.

Intel Big Data Professional Services provides consulting solutions from strategy to implementation. Combining the Apache Hadoop* ecosystem, and business intelligence experience, we enable enterprises to develop integrated data management environments that unlock insight and deliver real value.

Strategize and plan the big data initiative
We partner with your enterprise to identify use cases, business objectives, and determine strategy. We also define architectures, components, and recommend technologies that support your goals.

Architect and blueprint the solution
Our expertise includes converting your strategy into a manageable blueprint with easy step-by-step instructions to guide your architecture transformation and ensure mission success.

Implement the solution
We don’t stop at defining the strategy and solution; we help execute it by designing, building, and testing the architecture and components.

Empower the business
Identifying insights requires more than implementation—we make data accessible and easy to use, so the enterprise can speed decision making for real competitive advantage. We have a complete data science team to help.