Category: DATA MANAGEMENT Solutions

Data Lake Solutions

Improve your time to productivity with this all-in-one solution for an analytics-ready data lake. Fracsys Data Lake turnkey solutions is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a turnkey data lake that’s ready for production. We support Data Lake on cloud AWS, AZURE or on-perm Hadoop distribution, integration and expertise you need for data… Read more »

Data Governance

Build Trust in your data: The amount of data collected by today’s enterprises is enormous.  Without a good Governance Strategy and organization the data collected could soon become a data swamp and over time could be useless. Our data governance team at Fracsys can help you gain even more value. Fracsys’team can implement a data… Read more »

Data Quality

We all have data. We all have databases. But do we all have quality data? Data quality is fundamental to your organization’s health, right? So why do we keep fixing our data issues with a bandage instead of getting down to the nitty-gritty and fixing the problem head-on? Fracsyscan help you with the right data… Read more »

Data Life Cycle Management

It’s about handling data’s full lifecycle inside an information system : from their creation to their deletion (or archiving) when they become obsolete. Data lifecycle management could be defined as the group of processes implemented in order to manage the enterprise’s data from their definition to their retrieval.  Fracsys Team can help organization define a balanced and appropriate Data life cycle management… Read more »

Data Ingestion and Transformation

Fracsys provides several out of the box ingestion strategies and will also provide custom ETL frameworks for data processing.  Fracsys supports many clients ingest data from sources via batch mode or provide ETL for stream ingests.  Fracsys has built several data ingestion and transformations using popular ETL tools such as Talend, Informatica, Pentaho, DataStage.  Fracsys… Read more »