Category: Application Development

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise software applications can possess virtually any feature that businesses requires or desires. FracsysInc helps clients improve businesses performance through innovative application development services that allow Organizations to achieve business objectives and increase the value received from IT investments. We design, develop, customize, integrate, and deploy custom software and mobile applications that are user friendly,… Read more »

Services Oriented Application Development

Today’s IT organizations invariably employ disparate systems and technologies. SOA provides a clear solution to these application integration issues by allowing systems to expose their functionality via standardized, interoperable interfaces. SOA built applications out of loosely coupled, large intrinsically unassociated units of functionality commonly referred to as Services. FracsysInc has extensive experience in providing Synchronous… Read more »

Healthcare and Regulatory Domain applications

FracsysInc has over 10 years of healthcare and Regulatory domain applications. We have worked on developing applications of Clinical Trial, Genomics, Adverse Event, PharmacoVigilance, Health Insurance and other regulatory applications. Our SME’s provide the necessary business domain experience and combined with our Architects we have helped organizations build custom applications that support the unique business… Read more »

GIS applications

Most organizations that have implemented enterprise GIS solutions come to quickly realize that they need customized applications to maintain accurate, up-to-date data and to perform department-specific spatial modeling and analysis. To address this issue, FracsysInc offers our clients design and development services for customized GIS applications as we also specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)… Read more »