Enterprise Modernaization

As organizations change and grow, so must their enterprise chiefessays.net applications. Rising IT budgets are a crippling problem for many organizations that can even derail them. Fracsys’s enterprise modernization approach renews and revitalizes IT assets to create an agile, flexible infrastructure that is more responsive to change, improves organizational performance and maintains a leading edge. Our extensive experience and rich pool of expert resources allow us to take full ownership and responsibility of the development, enhancement, maintenance and support of enterprise easy how to speech ideas applications, and add value by modernizing legacy applications to new technologies with leading-edge functionality and maximum outcome.

Modernization Planning

FracsysInc will work with enterprises to develop a roadmap for the modernization – from architecture to implementation and transforming the enterprise and provide milestones and deliverables in an phased and iterative approach.. Fracsys’s application modernization offers solutions to help you revitalize, modernize and extend these applications to deliver new differentiated value and realize greater return on technology investments and avoid costly rewrites.We enable enterprises move into providing Data and Analytics as a service(DAaaS) that would facilitate broader integration and collaboration within enterprises.

Cloud Migration

FracsysInc’sCloud Migration Services enable enterprises migrate their physical or virtual workloads to the cloud, with minimal risk. We utilize a roadtested process that provides a low risk based approach and a well guided and iterative approach to move to the cloud.  Our risk based approach provides steps necessary at every stage to ensure there is no impact to the operations.  FracsysIncwill analyze on-premise workloads and dependencies, design the most appropriate target cloud architecture, provide detailed schedule with milestones to migrate the applications, and ensure proper operations by performing extensive verification and provide the necessary oversight as the migration occurs.

Application Design

As part of modernization effort we work with the organizations to re-design and re-imagine the legacy systems into more Service Oriented, agile, data and user friendly applications.  Our design goals are to make the enterprise applications very efficient in terms of performance and cost.  We will provide a custom cloud migration strategy if required.  In addition we also provide following services

Workflow Automation

FracsysInc has extensive experience in transforming business processes by identifying challenges and potential areas of improvement. We have experience with latest technologies and several workflow optimization techniques and We will analyze your business processes and enterprise workflows to look for places to introduce automation, remove manual processes, reduce dev ops FTE’s, reduce QA times, reduce failure rates and more.

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